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Managing My Profile
The following section contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to managing your profile on
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How do I edit my profile?
I see three tabs labelled 'My Basic Info' , 'My Interests and additional Info'  and 'My Family Members' on the Edit my profile page. What are these tabs?
If I change my profile, how long does it take for others to see the changes?
What is the purpose of Hide My Profile? Can I hide my profile temporarily?
  I read the help, but still cannot find the answer to my questions.
In this case, please Contact Customer Support, explaining clearly the question/problem and someone will get back to you soon.
Edit my profile related Questions

How do I edit my profile?

Editing your profile is real easy!
As soon as you login, you will see a section on left called 'My Profile and Account'. All you have to do is click on Edit My Profile after you login and just update the fields that you are interested in changing.
You can also use the 'My Profile and Account' drop down menu on top of each page and then select 'Edit My Profile Link' to edit your profile.

I see two tabs labelled 'My Basic Info' and 'My Interests and additional Info' on the Edit my profile page. What are these tabs?

The two tabs are explained below:
  • Basic Info Tab: This tab lists your basic information that you provided and is same form you filled during registration.
    To change information on here, just update the fields you would like to change and click on Save My Profile
  • My Interests and Additional Info Tab: This tab can be used by you to provide more information on yourself and thereby provide more information to your potential partner about your hobbies, what you do for fun, you favorite travels, your favorite sports etc.
  • My Family Members Tab: This tab can be used to provide more information about your family members, information about your father & mother, their occupations and information on number of brothers and sisters.
  • Required fields are marked with a *.
  • Please take time to provide as much information that you can on these tabs because this is the first thing that anyone looks at and the more information you provide, the more chances for making contact.
  • To edit your profile now, click on: Edit My Profile
If I change my profile, how long does it take for others to see the changes?

Any changes to your profile(any information that you typed in) have to be approved by our customer support team.
This usually takes less than 24 hours. During this time, anyone viewing your profile will see the message 'This information is currently being reviewed by Please recheck this profile after 24 hours'

The approval is required only for certain fields and not every field on your profile. Specifically, these fields on your profile require approval(if changed):
  • Education Detail
  • Occupation Detail
  • City Of Birth
  • Gothram
  • Other State
  • More about yourself section
  • My Interests and Additional Info(What do you do for fun?, Favorite local hot spots and Travel Destinations, My Favorite Things)
  • More about my family(father's name, mother's name, father's occupation,mothers's occupation)

If there were any changes made to the above, our customer support will review and either accept or reject the changes. If the changes are rejected, changes will be un-done to the earlier value of that field.

Also note that you will not be able to change some fields directly on your profile.
These fields include:
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital Status
  • Religion and Other Religion
  • Caste and Subcaste
  • Mother Tongue

To change the above fields, you will have to contact our customer support and explain them why you need to change this information and if a valid reason is provided, our customer support will change it for you. You can edit your profile anytime and any number of times.

What is the purpose of Hide My Profile? Can I hide my profile temporarily?

You can hide your profile temporarily if you do not want any NEW MEMBERS to contact you.
You can hide your profile for either 7/15 or 21 days. After this period is completed, your profile will be active again and will be shown to other members(that have not contacted you yet)
When you are hiding your profile, all the normal site functionality is enabled for you.

Please keep in mind that even though you have hidden your profile, members who you were in contact with(members who you accepted or members who accepted you) will still be able to see and contact your profile.
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