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Photographs related help
The following section contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to managing your photographs on
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  I read the help, but still cannot find the answer to my questions.
In this case, please Contact Customer Support, explaining clearly the question/problem and someone will get back to you soon.
Login and Photograph related Questions

Why should I add my photograph(s) on Matrimonials?
The most viewed profiles on our site are those profiles with photos. A member with a photo is likely to receive 10 times more number of contacts than a member without a photo.
So we ask you to take little time to upload your photos(which takes less than 2 minutes) so that you can start receiving all those partner contacts! To upload photo:

How many photographs are permitted for my profile on
You are permitted to upload upto:  5 photos at any given time, one of which can be made to be shown on your profile.

How do I add my photograph(s) on
Uploading your photographs is very easy!
  • Login to your account
  • Use the link provided under section 'My Profile and Account' called Manage my Photographs
  • Follow the instructions provided on the form to upload your photograph.
  • Choose your favorite photo out of the photographs you uploaded to our site and click on the 'Make this photo show on my profile' button provided.
  • This will show the selected photo on your profile. If you still have problems, please write to customer support using Contact Customer support and explain any problem you are experiencing.

What are good tips on selecting a proper photograph? How can I enhance it?
  • Select a photograph that is a good representation of yourself. Pick a photograph that is taken in bright light and not dark or gloomy.
  • Select a photograph that is a good close up shot of your face/upper body section and is not a taken from a distance as it becomes hard for the viewer to get a good look of you.
  • Make sure you are decently dressed and the photo does not violate any of our terms and conditions. Any photos that do not satisfy our terms and conditions will result in immediate removal and also cancellation of your membership.
  • After you select your photograph, try using any available image enhancing software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel photopaint. Play with the brightness, contrast etc until you remove any irregularities with your photo.
  • Make sure you optimize the photo size to make it not too big as big files take a long time to download over the internet and the viewer may get tired of waiting for your picture to load.

What is the difference between a photo of type GIF and photo type JPG? What photo format types are permitted on

GIF and JPG are two different digital file formats that are widely used on the internet. Our site accepts these two image formats only. To know the file format of your photo, check the extension of the photo file. If it ends with either a .JPG or .GIF, we can accept the picture. Please convert your photo to either of these formats if otherwise.

What is the maximum photo file size permitted for each photo being uploaded?

The maximum photo file size that can be uploaded on is: 1024KB

Can I delete my photo from

Yes, you can easily delete your photo from our site. Just Login to your account, click on Manage My Photos and click on the delete button provided.
Any photos that are deleted will be permantly deleted from our server. No recovery of your photo is possible after that.

How do I change my photo on

You can easily change any of your photos on our site. Just Login to your account, click on Manage My Photos and click on the delete button provided to delete any photos that you no longer want to keep.
After that just repeat the procedure for uploading your photos. permits 5 photos to be uploaded. How do I display one of them as my default photo to be displayed on my profile?

Login to your account, click on Manage My Photos.
If you have any photos, there will be a button provided called 'Make this photo show on my profile'. Just click on this button and the photo will become your new default photo that every member sees on your profile.

I have uploaded my photo on, but I am unable to view it on my Profile Summary page. What is the reason?

Every photo uploaded onto our site is screened by our customer support personnel for accurate representation of the member and to provide a quality service to other members.
Usually, this process takes about 24 hours. During this period, other members will not be able to see the photo on your profile page and you will not see it on your summary page either.
As soon as the photo is approved, the photo that is marked by you to show up on your profile ( using the 'Make my photo show on my Profile' option in Manage My Photos section will be shown to other members.

You will be notified by email when your photo is approved(or rejected) by our customer support.

Can I protect my photo to be viewed by the members of

Yes you can protect your photos so that your photo is shown only to only those members that you are intersted.
To protect your photos:
  • Login to your account
  • Under Manage My Photos use the option called "Protect My Photos/Video/Astro chart".
    Provide a password for your photos and click on the save button.
  • After this, your photos will be shown to others as "Photo Protected". The photos will be shown only to those members to whom you provide the photo password.
  • When a member tries to view your photograph, they are asked to provide this photo password and after entering the password, they will be able to view your photo.
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