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Partner Search related help
The following section contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to Partner Searchto managing your partner profile on
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What is a partner profile?
What is the importance of creating my Partner Profile?
Can I change my partner profile after I create it?
How do I know My Compatible Partners at ?
Can I create my Contact Filters Same as my Partner Preferences?
  I read the help, but still cannot find the answer to my questions.

In this case, please Contact Customer Support, explaining clearly the question/problem and someone will get back to you soon.
Edit my profile related Questions

What is a partner profile?

A Partner Profile is something that tells your potential partner(who maybe browsing your profile) what type of partner YOU are looking for. This will help you and your partner narrow down on several attributes and will help in making a better initial contact.
Also, provides number of tools for you find out which members may be interested in you and who you might be interested etc. and these tools will only work if you setup your partner profile.

To setup your partner profile, click on: My Partner Profile

What is the importance of creating my Partner Profile?

Having a partner profile will clearly tell other members who maybe browsing your profile the type of partner you are looking for. Without defining your partner profile, they will never know this and will have to contact you, even if you are not interested in members with certain profiles.
This may cause lot of members who may not be suitable for you contacting you.
Also, as explained above, certain tools(that help you in making contact with the right members that YOU may be interested in) provided by will only work after you define a partner profile.
Can I change my partner profile after I create it?

Yes, you can change your partner profile any number of times. Simply click on: Partner Profile to update/change your partner profile.
At the Search results I find an icon called as "Run My Compatibility Test" . What is it all about?

As a Premium Member you can run this simple test to check if the member is matching your preferred Partner Profile.
Just follow these simple steps:
  • Login to your account.
  • Create a Partner Profile
  • Search for members that you are intersted using Quick Search or any available search options.(or just search for the member by profileId)
  • Click on "Run My Compatibility Test" icon at the Partner Profile you are interested in to know if the Partner Profile Member is compatible with you or not.
  • Compatibility tests are run using your Partner Profile Preferences. We use the preferences for a partner that you indicate here to check and see if 's profile matches your requirements. Similarly we check and see if 's partner preferences match your profile
How do I know My Compatible Partners at

As per the Partner Profile set by you,  helps you in finding your soulmate as per these preferences.
Just follow these simple steps:
  • Compatibility Test: At the Search Pages you can run the Compatibility Test on as many Members as you like to know if the Partner Members are Compatible to your Partner Profile
  • Members I Am Looking For: All the Profile Members that are matching the Partner Profile created by you are shown in this page.
  • Members Who Are Looking For Me: The Profile Members whose Partner Profile matches your Personal Profile are shown here.
  • Automatic MatchMaker: The Common Profile Members shown in Members I Am Looking For and Members Who Are Looking For Me are shown in this page.
    Contacting these Profiles would increase the chance of finding the Right Partner of Your Life Time
Can I create my Contact Filters to be the same as my Partner Preferences?

Yes, you can!
Just follow these simple steps:
  • Login to your account
  • Set your Partner Preferences at the Partner Profile page.
  • There is an option available at the bottom of this page to make the Contact Filters same as your Partner Preferences.
    However you can change your Contact Filters any time
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